I want to go to there.

September 16, 2011

Where is there?  Anywhere but the classroom.  Three weeks into the new semester and, guess what, I think I may be allergic to teaching!  As Scrappy Doo grows into that truly delectable puppy stage and research starts to take off, I find myself wishing I was anywhere but the classroom when I am in there.  And it’s not that all of my classes are terrible– it’s just the one that is, well, a little, uh, soul-sucking.  What I mean is that no matter how animated or pushy I am, this one class just always makes me feel completely and utterly wrung out, like an abused juice box in the middle of the Sonora Desert… there is just no Kool-Aid left.  I find myself in the middle of the lecture wistfully staring out the window (not unlike my students) wishing I were… elsewhere.  Anywhere.  Just not there, in the classroom.  Perhaps home observing Scrappy Doo develop yet another teensy weensy bit of advanced motor control.  Or else conducting an interview or some fieldwork or even doing some tedious data entry, just, PLEASE DON”T LEAVE ALONE WITH THEM!  They are mental vampires, those students— suck suck sucking away at all my energy.  I go home deflated, flattened, with nothing left for myself, my puppy, Mr. Rottweiler.  I can barely even manage to rub the cat under the chin (yes, the Rottweilers have a cat).  I feel the tiniest bit of guilt for not having my heart in it, but, well, what’s a Rottweiler to do?    Tired professors of the world, whatever your breed, please to regale us with tales (or tails?) of self-motivation… otherwise I have a feeling this semester is going to be cruelly long.